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Storage Solutions while moving from one home to another.

As part of the process of moving from house to house, you often have time in between moves where you've already packed up and sold one house and are waiting to settle on your new house. We have a storage solution to suit your requirements.

At B.F.R. Removals we can store anything from one piece of furniture to a complete house, for any length of time. We offer short term (while you’re waiting to move into your new house) or long term storage at our facility in Sydney. We can also assist you in arranging storage in other capital cities around Australia. Our storage complex is a secure premise with back to base alarm and free from dust and dampness. 

Your furniture and effects are stored in specially designed home packs. All storage stored at  B.F.R .Removals & Storage has a full inventory completed at time of pick up in your home and the customer is issued with a copy for their own checklist.

The same care and attention is given with stored furniture and effects as with furniture removals.  All lounges and fabric covered items are covered with heavy duty plastic to keep them clean and dust free while being stored at B.F.R. Removals & Storage.

All polished furniture is covered with protective felt blankets and all other items are protected from being scratched or damaged while in storage. Fridges are stored to eliminate all mildew and lounges are stored upright to avoid unsightly pressure marks.

We pride ourselves on caring for your belongings.

Our charges start at $2.50 (inc.GST) per cubic metre per week. Our minimum charge is $25.00 per week.

Our large storage facility is designed to hold household goods undercover in wooden containers. All items are padded within the containers and are assured to be dust free.

Container Storage

Container removals technology provides the most flexible removals and storage system available, enabling special packing and uplift in discreet modules that eliminates double handling, increases security and achieves significant cost efficiency..

Whether a simple point-to-point relocation or a combined move that utilises warehouse storage of nominated containers, B.F.R. provide every customer the complete service – integrating specialised equipment, handling expertise, storage resources and world-wide connections.


For major national and international relocations that also require storage facilities, BF.R. use shipping containers ranging from 30 to 85 cubic metres capacity to provide the ultimate in security and protection for clients’ most treasured personal possessions. These robust steel shipping units provide the most secure, weatherproof and durable storage container that can be transported nationally and internationally by air, sea, road and rail.

Storage Modules

To meet the needs of customers’ more modest moving and storage requirements, B.F.R. use compact custom built modules that are expertly packed to suit each client’s individual needs – whether grouping household possessions to ease reinstallation in a new home, or organising personal belongings for long term storage.

BFR Furniture Removals modular storage units enable convenient warehousing for fast retrieval, and contents remain isolated from extremes of temperature, humidity and the ravages of climatic conditions. Assuring complete protection from insect pests, BFR also fumigate their storage warehouses every three months to exact government standards.

Self Storage companies  charge you for the full storage space, whether you use it or not.  B.F.R.only charge you for the storage space your goods take up – so you don’t pay for air.

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You’ll also be amazed at our exceptionally competitive transportation costs - rates comparable to Hire Truck Costs! 

Packaging Solutions

We can deliver packing materials to you, or we can professionally pack all of your belongings - all options are very competitively priced! 


Our Sydney storage facility offers back-to-base security & fire control systems, thorough pest control program, and no unauthorized public access.

We offer short term (while you’re waiting to move into your new house) or long term storage at our facility in Sydney. We can also help arrange storage in other capital cities of Melbourne and Brisbane.

Contact our relocation consultants today on 1300 692 196 to discuss your storage needs.

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