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6 weeks to go:
  • Arrange a quotation with BFR Furniture Removals and book in your relocation.
  • Sort, discard or donate unwanted items. Consider holding a garage sale or give items away.
  • Plan your packing – discuss your packing requirements with BFR Furniture Removals. BFR can supply all packing materials and can offer a full packing service.
  • Investigate your Home Removals Insurance with Associated Marine on 1800 009 796.
  • Make travel arrangements for your pets and vehicles if required.
2 weeks to go:
  • Finalise your inventory; make sure you have notified us of all the items to be relocated.
  • Book a professional cleaner
  • Contact family, friends and businesses regarding the change of your address.
  • Use up all frozen foods in the freezer unless you are moving locally
  • Dispose of garden chemicals, paints, fuel and other flammable items.
  • Burn off the gas from your bbq. Clean out your BBQ and make sure it is clean for transit. We do not relocate gas bottles.
  • Make arrangements to have pets looked after during your move or arrange for pet transportation.
  • Arrange to have your phone, electricity, gas, water and cable disconnected & connected in your new home.
  • Start packing this week if you are doing the packing yourself.
1 week to go:
  • Confirm all booking arrangements including vehicles, pets and cleaning.
  • Arrange with the Australia Post  to have all your mail redirected
  • Make a list of things to do on Moving Day
  • Make sure your fuel is emptied from your lawn mower
  • Book elevator access if required and If needed, make special arrangements for parking or access for the removalists
  • Continue to pack and label your boxes. Don’t let your boxes exceed 15 kilograms as they might split or damage your personal effects. Make sure everything that can be packed is packed safely in a box.
  • Pack luggage or those things you will need immediately after moving and while in transit.
  • If any furniture needs dismantling before moving then it should be done this week unless organised to be done by your removalist. Place all screws, bolts and other small attachments that make up this furniture into a small self-sealing bag and tape to the base of the items or label clearly and place in one box that will contain items of this kind.
1 day to go:
  • Defrost and clean out your fridge and freezer. Wiping the inside surface with vanilla essence will is recommended.
  • Prepare your washing machine according to the manufacturing specifications.
  • Check all your drawers and remove items that are heavy, breakable or hold liquid. Do not leave any items inside your cupboards or drawers.
  • Separate any items you have packed and will be taking with you, from those that are to be packed, and place in an area where they will not be collected. This includes, wallets, important documents, cameras, ect.
Moving Day
  • Make sure all your items are marked, packed, dissembled and ready for uplift.
  • Arrange a space for the removalist to park (allow 2 – 3 car spaces)
  • Pack yourself a survival kit, that includes items for your moving day and while in transit.
  • Make a final check of your property for any forgotten items, check your cupboards, sheds, garage, outdoor areas, and ensure the removalist has collected all items to be relocated.
  • Separate any items you have packed and will be taking with you in an area away from the removalists.
  • Collect and return all keys to the new owner or real estate agent.
 BFR Moving Checklist For a printable version of this checklist,
please click here to download PDF
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